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In this blog I will be exploring how creativity is a vital resource within leadership both for the individual and organisations.  I will discuss creativity, share articles that cover the topic from different approaches, invite guest bloggers to contribute and also offer creativity prompts to encourage exploration of creative techniques .Also this blog will have updates and news for Art 2 Inspire Leadership

What is Creativity?

welcome to art2inspireleadership

The above Word Art image contains words taken from dictionary definitions* of the word Creativity plus a few additions of my own

Creativity is a vital energetic thought process which generates new perceptions, solutions, ideas, actions and physical items or products.  It is a flexible process that can be applied to all areas of life as a whole. Like a muscle in the body creativity needs to be nurtured, fed, exercised, encouraged and used in order for it to be a healthy productive resource.

Creativity is not just limited to artistic expression but is found in every discipline, and is an essential tool for leadership which helps bring about change and growth. Thinking creatively helps break existing limitations to encourage innovation and allows for adaptability, new success and increased motivation.

An prime example of creativity in action is Steve Jobs learning the art of calligraphy then applying the principals to computer typeface to create beautiful clear fonts that give Mac and Apple products such visual impact and a  cohesive brand identity of  good design

In the leadership workshops and coaching sessions I offer there is an exploration of a range of creative ideas and exercises that encourage participants to tap into their creativity to reach their full potential. If you feel that your organisation or you now needs to creatively develop your leadership skills join me for exciting, challenging, fun and ultimately fulfilling journey

*The Oxford Living Dictionary definition of



The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness


While in the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary



The ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative


A definition echoed in the Collins Dictionary



Creative ability; artistic or intellectual inventiveness

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