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"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Ahrabella Lewis creative training facilitator

Over the last eight years I have developed a variety of techniques incorporated into leadership training for both organisations and individuals. My belief is that by doing hands on practical, creative exercises people begin to approach their projects with a fresh productive perspective *

Ahrabella Lewis

(*This view is supported in the following books: 
Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain –Betty Edwards, mBraining –Grant Soosula & Martin Oka, Time to Think –Nancy Kline)

Creativity in Business

What is Creativity?

Why encourage Creativity in the work environment?

What benefits does Creativity bring to an organisation or an individual?

Creativity is not just about artistic expression but is evident in all areas of business and decision making. It is the vital element that allows for growth, innovation, change and success. A positive focus on creativity not only helps people innovate change but also helps reduce stress to improve overall wellbeing.

My innovative approach to leadership training and facilitation is based on my own creativity as a visual artist. Having working across a variety of sectors the common thread has been a creative approach to my work. I started my working life in the financial industry selling insurance, mortgages and pensions. Based on this experience   I created ‘Moneyflow ‘a coaching practice which explored the relationship between an individual’s success and money.

My Inspiration

I find inspiration for ways to develop my own creative expression from observing and being in the world around me. Colours, light, patterns and texture found in everything from the mundane to the extraordinary stimulate ideas for exercises and creativity prompts. These visual sources of inspiration along with music, food and smells constantly engage all the senses encourage thought and creativity. Inspiration also comes from my clients who always bring something fresh to a project.

I express my own creativity through painting, mixed media experimentation, journaling, photography, printmaking, dressmaking and creating content for leadership development.

I have a great sense of personal fulfilment and feel honoured seeing the positive impact that comes when my clients tap into and act on their creativity.

My Experience

Alongside my role as a leadership trainer I continue to paint as I feel it is important to stay in touch with one’s own creativity. I paint rich vibrant colourful paintings filled with energy that uplift and inspire.

Specialities: Coaching, Facilitation, Positive psychology and StrengthsFinder, Focus on Action Planning and developing creative approaches to individual and organisational challenges


  • Co Facilitator with Ralph Lewis Associates-work to design and deliver leadership /team workshops in the UK and Internationally

  • On the faculty  for the Solaris  Executive Leadership  Programme
    Solaris is an executive leadership development programme for black professional women. Aimed at senior management executives and professionals looking to advance to C-Suite.

  • Pepal and Baylor Uganda  Caring Together Project 2012 -2018- a project that provided leadership training to staff working in Ugandan health clinics to help improve performance and delivery of service.

  • Institute Aristote Paris – I am a trained coach in the Aristote process which helps individuals to develop their key strengths through a combination of a visual and strategic focus.

  • Grahamcare –Workshop that incorporated the principals of Servant Leadership with managers and their teams

  • Amref- Workshop to change culture within the organisation and develop the roles of  the participants

Ahrabella made a significant contribution to the Caring Together leadership project in Uganda with her creativity sessions. These enabled participants to visualise, plan and implement critical steps in the evolution of the programme. The sessions were fun, hands-on and challenging, getting people to move out of their comfort zones and to think innovatively. She gently encouraged those who were initially reluctant to get involved and skilfully guided the groups. In one exercise, she asked participants to make posters showing leadership in action; these posters were reproduced and are now displayed in health clinics across Uganda. Ahrabella has an ability to challenge and encourage people to give of their best through her coaching and facilitation skills.

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