Releasing your Leadership Potential through Creativity

Leadership through Creativity Training

“ Man is only man in the fullest sense of the word when he is at play”

The creative leadership sessions I run have been developed by me from many years of working with a wide range of participants and organizations. The exercises in these workshops cover a range of topics including personal development through to organizational change. These sessions are hands on, challenging and practical, fun and innovative. Participants are stretched and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Leadership Workshops

Overview of Workshops

The following is a selection of workshops and related exercises that I facilitate through organisations.

  1. Communication and Influencing Skills- Listening, Negotiating, Role Plays and Visual Coaching  Exercises
  2. Time Management – Process Analysis and Coordination with Time Lines and  Role Plays
  3. Team Work – Team Preferences, Skills Combinations and Strengths, Client Focus, Team Goal Setting and Visioning
  4. Stress and Conflict Management –Analysing Work Life Balance ,Stress Management and  Building Consensus  via Role Play and Negotiation Exercises
  5. Problem Solving – Visualising techniques such as Mind Maps and Force Fields

An  example of a group project leadership team exercise is creating the Front Page of a newspaper. Working together we will work with Team Members who are encouraged to listen, collaborate with each other so they can design and create a page which captures visually their future success .This exercise is motivating not only to the whole team but the larger organisation as well. The benefits for the team include learning how to allocate roles, developing a common vision and agreeing actions steps.

The duration of this exercise is two and half hours and would normally be included within a day or half day creativity session but like all the training courses I run can easily be  tailored to meet an organisation’s needs.

Individual Coaching

I also offer individual coaching in creativity combining a mixture of stillness, movement, play and reflection that encourage self-development to help everyone to free their creativity. The outcomes are again a recognition of strengths plus an energetic positive set of actions to bring their individual gifts into their lives – at work and personally.

Individual coaching sessions are tailored to suit the client and can vary from a couple of hours on a regular basis to a full day. These sessions would include a mixture of reflection, observation and practical art exercises such as drawing quickly or with the non dominant hand. At the end of their session the client will have made an artwork such a collage that is a source of inspiration for personal growth and expression of their own creativity.

creativity training for individuals

Looking to Inspire Leadership?

Ahrabella is a wonderful facilitator. In the project we worked on together, she used a creative approach to help our participants explore the project we were working on, using innovative methods such as mind maps and making posters. She was able to help participants who never labelled themselves as "creative" to explore a new side of themselves and discover new abilities. The participants really enjoyed the sessions and came away with a more holistic understanding of themselves and the issues they were examining.

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